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Yutsil HDM (Yutsil Hoyo Diaz Martinez)

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was brought up in México.
At the age of 18, I decided to move back to Scotland to explore my country of birth through my own experience.

When I moved to Scotland my grandad was 101yo, and I wanted to listen to his stories and share some time with him. I got to live with him for almost 5 years before he had to leave us.
It was one of my best life experiences, for one it made me discover a passion for storytelling, and on the other
I feel like he was getting younger as I was getting older in the time we spent together.

Photography for me is a way of storytelling, this visual medium allows us to capture moments we live, or setup a good portrait or landscape and have that as a memory. Even though I work in the Film & TV industry and most of my work being video orientated, I try to find the time to at least capture a picture or two.

Available for collaborations.
Portraits, Event Coverage, Creative Shoots.

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